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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 4, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

11:00 pm we're going to put up an open thread. o'reilly factor is next. good night from washington, d.c.. we'll you tomorrow for you. that will do it. good night. >> eric: this is a fox news alert. the dow getting slammed today. down 513 points. losing 1,400 points in a matter of days, wiping out all of the 2011 gains. hello, everyone. 5:00 on the east coast. this is "the five." i'm eric bolling, along with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, dana perino and greg gutfeld. "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> eric: all right. we're drowning in debt and businesses aren't hiring. two deadly ingredients to an ailing economy. two manifestations of obamanomics. tax, spend and spread the wealth. the economy is in turmoil and we have a front-row seat to
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obamanomics failing right in front of our eyes. listen to the promise mr. mr. obama made two years ago. >> you know, a year from now, i think people are going to see that we're starting to make some progress. but there is still going to be pain out there. if i don't have this done in three years, then there will be a one-term proposition. >> eric: time has run out, mr. president. we can only hope for change in 2012. dana, you had a front-row seat to markets melting down like this. tell us what goes on beyond the scenes. d/b/a one of th -- d/b/a -- >> dana: one of the things you realize you don't have total control. you see the drops out there, it makes you sick to your stomach. i thought about the mom and dads who have money in the 401(k). hopefully they don't watch every day. this is not a good trend. a year ago today, treasury geithnered a op-ed they entitled "wet com t "welcome toe
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recovery." if this is the recovery, president obama might be prophetic in this being one term. something else you can't control much in february of 2009, joe biden on friday night was interviewed and they had a particularly good week in the stock market that week. he said, "this is what president obama can do for the economy and the stock market." i thought you can't try to take credit for the gains and not be willing to take the blame for the downs. so they kind of set themselves up for a bad situation. >> eric: bring in here, and a couple days after mr. obama victory lap about getting his debt deal signed. everyone including -- listen, everyone on the left said wow! whew! avoided catastrophe. meanwhile, we're down 1400 points in a few days. >> bob: if everybody listened to you, prozac sales would go through the roof there are good things throughout that go on. certain manufacturerring sectors are doing well.
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auto industry is doing well that you wanted to sell off, if i remember right. >> greg: i love the volts. >> bob: i don't know what it is. i don't like the hybrid. i don't know what it means. >> greg: oven toasters on wheels. >> bob: the other thing he said something that was exactly right. i may be a one-term president. if it's like this next year. it ain't going to be like this next year. it will be better. you have to put a munchkin against him and that's a problem. >> greg: recovery under obama is worse than chicken under colonel sanders. how is that? i thought about that all day. >> bob: i bet you had to through it through. >> greg: took three hours. it's clearly the tea party's fault, isn't it? >> bob: it is. >> eric: andrea, the tea party was completely -- we're getting -- >> greg: blamed for this last week. >> eric: taken to task for saying "completely" but the fiscal conservatives, michele bachmann, gomeer and steve king said it's a bad deal. they predicted this.
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>> andrea: i don't think you can single-handedly point to the debt deal or tea party. that's not what we're seeing across wall street. but if you look at europe, this is the same thing happening here. it's straight across the euro zone where they had the housing crisis and debt crisis. you see in greece, the government took up 40% of the greek economy. it became so huge, unsustainable now they can't save themselves. this is across the continent. it's the same road we're going down here. credit the tea party for at least trying to stop it. >> greg: they were the ones in the clip shouting "stop." yet, they were getting blamed. bob, if i remember correctly you said the tea party was going to cause the stock market to plunge. >> bob: it did. >> greg: we got a phony deal to stop the debt ceiling crisis and it's plunging more. >> eric: i'm not sure it was you but someone said if we don't sign the debt deal the house will go up in flames.
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>> bob: it wasn't me. can i ask a question about the greece analogy? >> andrea: sure. >> bob: does it mean since greece has always been a stable and thoroughly well managed economy -- >> andrea: says who? >> bob: are we going to have a bunch of greek immigrants coming here like you, so we'll have more of you here? >> andrea: my father came to this country, he couldn't make money in greece. he saw he couldn't be successful and he came here and didn't take a nick from the government. he was so poor, and he started off working in the kitchen of a restaurant and he made all of his kids do the same. we worked, worked, worked and not take a penny from the government. it's why i believe what i believe. if more people were like that and not under the let's all be under the government, reaching and gragging, we'd better off. >> bob: he made you work 22 hours a day. >> andrea: i'm better off for it. >> greg: i went to her diner in the town. it had great rice pudding. >> andrea: great rice pudding. you were there!
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>> greg: yes. >> eric: 9.2% unemployment right now. tomorrow morning at 8:30 in the morn, department of labor statistics will put out the number for last month. a lot of people on the street estimate just as bad. 9.2% again with no real job creation. >> bob: that means he didn't lose jobs. >> eric: move it forward. last night the president flew in to chicago on fundraiser one and had a lavish birthday party. tone deaf? what was he thinking? >> dana: i am going to shock bob beckel. head of the party and has a responsibility to fundraiser and hand it to him. even with the poll numbers he can still convince people showing up to give him $40,000 for his birthday. if i could convince someone to give me 40 grand -- >> bob: what, you agree >> andrea: i agree with dana. i worked with numerous politicians that had fundraisers on their birthday. >> bob: you should put on your stationary last thing for
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the republicans. is it a shock that president raises money? you make the line about rundraiser one, every president i know has to rundraiser because they have. >> eric: well, he is using at it lot. flew to miami. >> he can't help it that his birthday is today. happy birthday, mr. president. >> eric: this is not the time or place -- he took a victory lap on the debt deal and that seemed where he was going with this. >> greg: part of this fundraising was something called 50 for 50. he is turning 50. get 50 new people in the campaign. itth it sounds like a pyramid scheme. something that doesn't bork but to get it to work you have to attract more believers. you have to get the people to agree in the grand belief in change without specifics. a pyramid. >> dana: i do think he is tone deaf. i was in wyoming for a few days visiting family with the
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cheyenne frontier, it was great. and i got to tell you, they feel so disconnected. "they" meaning the folks. the folks o'reilly talks about. feel so disconnected from washington, giving $40,000, not everybody did at the birthday party, but to give -- a lot of people aren't making $40,000 in a year. >> andrea: which is why -- >> bob: did they have the barrel racing thing? >> dana: yeah. >> bob: good looking women racing those -- i love that. >> eric: anybody else think -- >> bob: wait. i want to add to this. by the way, i now figured it out. you are the tony montana of this "the five." >> greg: he doesn't wear a tie. >> eric: because he doesn't wear a tie. >> dana: who is tony montan montana? is that your point? >> bob: yeah. you talk about fundraising. obama is going to end up raising probably i think we'll get to $1 billion. that is the most successful fundraiser that has been done. that is what you are supposed to do. get it through your head. >> dana: he will need every penny of it.
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>> bob: correct. >> andrea: in 2008 territory when you look at what is happening with the market. he is embarking on a bus tour because he is losing ground in key battleground states. that is where he is heading. he has to do it. >> greg: he is not a great fundraiser. >> bob: he's not a great fundraiser? >> greg: he is historical president and that's why people give him money to it. he's boring. >> eric: point one thing out. what is the line he has used over and over and over again blaming millionaires and billionaires and comp rate jets? guess what he threw last night? party for millionaires and billionaires. daps these are people paying their fair share. >> greg: leave and take the canoli. >> bob: you have to get out of this stuff. if he doesn't -- everything, nothing you can -- >> eric: the stock market dropped 500. >> bob: right, the stock market dropped 500 point. i don't know. >> greg: blame the tea party. >> bob: i do. >> eric: coming up, the 2012 iowa debate is one week from
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today. >> bob: that's exciting. >> eric: we have the latest on the g.o.p. primary battle. also, don't forget we love to hear what you have to say. e-mail us at we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: the only problem with talking about sarah palin is that she works here and it's like a coworker. >> awkward. >> greg: if i say something bad and see her in the hallway i feel awkward and wrong. so i just kind of say that was a good job. >> bob: it has nothing to do with that. it has to do with your paycheck. that's why you feel awkward about it. i know what you mean. in times, i'll be honest, i pulled my punches on her. not today but i pulled my punchs on her. i to say to sarah palin after listening to the thing about terrorists i remember in her campaign in 2008 when she stood up there with a sheriff on duty, on taxpayer money and saying the democrats were unpatriotic. i didn't hear politics out of her. so be a big grizzly bear momma, baby and see what you'll do about it. we don't care less. >> greg: you make one joke and left wing sites like
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politico go crazy because they're so desperate for any palin antetech dote. it's like their heroin. i was joking about seeing them in the holloway. it's impossible. she lives in alaska. the hallway would be 5,000 miles long for me to run into her. >> bob: get a life, you people. if you can't take a joke -- you probably work for those rags. listen, to say about me i'm not talking about sarah palin, are you kidding me? let me give you a couple of quickies. one show i did with hannity. are you telling me honest, you believe the woman can be president of the united states? yeah. i don't agree with sarah palin on anything. as a matter of fact, nothing. we have a strong defense policy because she can see the soviet union from her backdoor and she has much chance to beating barack obama as you do. we try to have fun on the show and break up the
11:16 pm
teeddiousness -- tediousness have you ever watched a really boring talk show on sunday? take it easy. >> you're one of the only liberals with a sense of humor. >> dana: i don't know how anyone thought it was serious. i have a problem, it's hard to sit next to greg, because he makes me laugh. i can -- >> greg: also, i do smell. i have a terrible odor. >> andrea: glad you're sitting over there. >> bob: everybody happy now? >> andrea: speaking of sarah palin and everyone is wopering whether she will jump in the race she had words for a man who has jumped in to this race, mitt romney. she was on hannity this tuesday and said i respect for mitt romney, but not respect for what he has done for the debt deal debate. and dana, let's listen to her on hannity. >> i respect for mitt romney but i do not have respect for what he has done through the debt increase debate. he did this.
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he waited until it was a done deal that we would increase the debt ceiling and then he came out and made a statement that he didn't like the deal after all. >> dana: doing her job as an analyst. so the question this goes back to the maya cull pa you had to do -- mea culpa. she has an analyst and rumored to be a presidential candidate. it's a tricky line to walk. what is interesting is what she is saying is governor romney was not a profile in courage in the debt ceiling. i don't think any of the candidates were sticking their heads up. part of it is a strategy. >> andrea: eric, is it because -- >> greg: smart move. it was a satan sandwich. he didn't want to take a bite out of it. >> eric: obama took a bite out of the satan sandwich and said don't raise the deal. >> andrea: that is the issue with romney. he ords and sandwich and
11:18 pm
proclaims to love it and then someone else says it's disgusting and he says you're right, it is. but a new poll out today shows he is beating obama in florida. >> eric: guess what? after the meltdown in the stock market and who knows what will happen with the job market, they all might be leading. generic republican is leading everywhere anyway. obama is on the ropes. >> andrea: bob, does he scare democrats the most, romney? >> bob: oh, yeah. scary guy. i was enjoying listen to you four republicans argue with yourselves over nothing. >> andrea: you're not worried? >> bob: i'm scared to deathism i'll lose sleep all night long over the people. >> andrea: what happened on wall street is a reminder of we're back where we started in 2008. >> bob: i keep saying we haven't had the long ridiculous intellectual challenged debate on the debt ceiling we would haven't been there. >> eric: what are you talk about? what do you mean we would haven't been there?
11:19 pm
we had a debate and obama said we have to do it and democrats said we need to do this or the market will meltdown. guess what is happening? the markets are melting down. >> bob: if they got clean like everybody else clean debt ceiling increase you wouldn't have had it. >> dana: bob, can we remind the viewers while it might be true, that president obama when he was senator wrote a blistering statement to president bush saying it was a dereliction of duty to raise the debt ceiling. nobody was pure. >> bob: i understand that. you should have stayed in wyoming one more day. he apologized for that. >> andrea: listen to the romney ad on target and i think will be a key for what is to come for other candidat candidates. ♪ ♪ >> yes, we can.
11:20 pm
thank you. >> if i don't have it done in three years then it will be a one term proposition. >> andrea: powerful stuff. >> greg: a great ad point ofs out that americans are disillusioned over promise of obama and liberalism. leftism is like her piece. you forget how bad it was until it comes back. liberals pop up every 25, 30 years. everybody goes oh, maybe it will work this time. it's like this is terrible. go away! then it goes away. that's why. >> dana: a good point. so republicans have to have someone to put forward. >> andrea: i want to get off mitt romney. >> bob: i want to know who does his hair. >> andrea: get off mitt romney. are you gellous? i want to talk about tim pawlenty. a new poll shows that in iowa, people don't know who he is.
11:21 pm
>> dana: it's shocking to spend so much time as governor and called presidential candidate since 2006 to have run the kind of race he has to spend as much money as he has and still it seems the name i.d. is absolutely -- absolutely -- >> bob: sorry, ask the political guy here a question. >> andrea: go ahead. >> eric: you're trashing my -- i'm the political junkie. i love this stuff. grew up -- >> bob: you. >> you don't have to justify yourself with him. >> eric: saddens me to see the boarded up building, signs and unemployment rate jumping up and the bottom line put a credible candidate up on the right and you will win. given the economy and everything that is going on. >> bob: thank you. we appreciate that. >> andrea: quickly, bob. >> bob: this is what i'll say about tim pawlenty. the problem is when he speaks the sales plummet. he is just not an attractive candidate. put hit the way, if he doesn't come in at least third in the iowa caucus i guarantee you he
11:22 pm
with l be out of the race. money will drop. people don't get out of the races because they want to. the money dries up. >> andrea: stay with us. more on "the five" next. ♪ ♪ let me tell you about a very important phone call i made. when i got my medicare card, i realized i needed an aarp... medicare supplement insurance card, too. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65, but it doesn't cover everything. in fact, it only pays up to 80% of your part b expenses. if you're already on or eligible for medicare, call now to find out how an aarp... medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company, helps cover some of the medical expenses... not paid by medicare part b.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: welcome back to "the five." we were going to talk about something else, but the produce rer making us talk about republican presidential candidates again. okay, let's get on to this. this is so exciting. let's talk about which one of these do we want to talk about? huntsman. huntsman is a nice fella.
11:26 pm
let me ask dana this question. huntsman has problems in the campaign. weaver, people don't foe who he is but a political consultant for years and i've known him for a long time. it seems every campaign he goes into, a bomb goes off. now he is having a problem with huntsman's wife. [ inaudible ] i wish the republican presidential craziness would get over. >> dana: this started with an article in politico where a disgruntled campaign volunteer spilled some beans. whether or not they're accurate beans remains to be seen. but it did cause some stir, because there is internal fighting. nobody likes anything more in politics than the internal fighting story. i remember at the white house, that would be if anybody was not getting along, like karl rove wasn't getting along with somebody, that was big news. but the problem for governor huntsman, the most -- we just talked about governor pawlenty name i.d. being low, governor huntsman has the same problem. kathryn lopez of national review had a tweet today where
11:27 pm
she said this was a brilliant move by the huntsman campaign. talk about infighting and get in the news. >> bob: it's usually campaign that are well known with infighting. not 1%ers. that is a bad sign. >> greg: you can't have drama if nobody knows who you are. the drama is the bachmann campaign. >> bob: big drama. we were talking about that on a serious note. they have this next week, the straw poll in ames, which is the ames republican party extortion every year, every four years to raise money. but that is a high-stakes game for both bachmann and pawlenty because they're from minnesota. haven't been there to minnesota before they expect to win. bachmann could do well, but i think john mccain will do well. and he won't go back -- >> dana: andrea he said today -- herman cain said if he doesn't come in third he's getting out. >> bob: he didn't? >> dana: yeah. >> bob: got bless you, herman.
11:28 pm
you have guts. what is mitt romney doing? is he in this -- >> dana: he is not in the straw poll but another candidate we haven't talked about yet is newt gingrich. >> greg: not going up. >> andrea: same place as the stock market. >> greg: going down very fast. can we talk about one person, though, talk about this upcoming debate. >> andrea: a week from today on fox news channel. bret baier hosts. >> greg: they are not going to let all the candidates on because you have to get more than i guess 1%. that leaves out thaddeus mccotter. who is running for president who nobody really knows who he is. the problem with this, he is an amazing debateer. incredibly smart. it's a shame they can't let him in. >> bob: that is the criteria, hell, you can get in. >> andrea: we haven't talked about rick perry. another one of bob's favorites. prayer rally is this weekend.
11:29 pm
people talk about him getting in this race. does it hurt him he is not partaking in the early debates? >> dana: i don't think it hurts him necessarily. it could hurt him in the longer run in terms of the financial thing because you have to set up fundraising and bob says if you don't have the money you can't pay for your campaign and you are not going to run. >> bob: good thing he is having a prayer thing this weekend because that's all he has a chance of doing is a prayer. fred thompson, as you remember, went to be the savior of the party and he went to iowa. talk about a meltdown. not just the ridiculous butter thing they had down there that melts every year. disgusting. do i away with that -- do away with that. >> eric: you know who wins this? tea party. >> bob: oh, man! please. >> eric: if it's michele bachmann, then rick perry would run. if it wasn't her, sarah palin would win that because she also represents the tea party. >> andrea: as someone who worked obsix campaigns bachmann has a great opportunity in iowa. she will gain strength. she has a significant chance in new hampshire but south carolina is where she should look.
11:30 pm
look, bob, you might move to new zealand like you said. >> bob: i give her a lot of credit. she is doing -- sorry. >> andrea: she is gaining strength despite the efforts by, as we talked about earlier, pawlenty trying to take her out. his campaign, spread the rumors about the migraines. now he had to pull ads in iowa. dirty campaign tricks. if he is trying to stay relevant, he is not doing it in the right way. >> greg: did you hear the intern called bachmann a crazy lady? >> dana: the problem for governor pawlenty lately he doesn't sound like himself. >> bob: for sure. >> greg: he doesn't know who he is. >> dana: no one else does either. >> bob: i was about to get that. listen, one thing about winning in iowa. new hampshire has never been good, rarely good to the winner of iowa if you look to the history of that is difficult. the real problem is getting through new hampshire she will do all right in south carolina. if she can get there. coming up, yeah, former vice
11:31 pm
president al gore a true american patriot, eric. made a comment about the need for people at the grassroots level invigorating american democracy, which i agree with. but that said, he -- the right wingers are upset with al. what else is new? next on "the five." ♪ ♪ "the
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five." ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: you got to love the country music shoutout. i spent week in wyoming. i loved it. now i came back and unbelievably a former vice president al gore is back in the news. yesterday he said we needed an arab spring here in america. what that resembles one of tahrir square in egypt. listen to this. >> an american spring, kind of an american tahrir square. nonviolent change, where people from the grassroots get involved again. you know, not the tea party style. they are people who are genuinely upset in the tea party. i understand that. but that movement was funded
11:37 pm
with seed money from right wing billionaires, the koch brothers and promoted on fox news. turned into a stocking horse for the right wing agenda that a lot of people have been trying to push on the country for a long time. >> dana: the only person in america that wants him to stop talking more than you is president obama. what is he talking about arab spring in america? isn't that what we had, representative democracy last week? >> greg: he is equating countries under oppression with our democracy. by that comparison, it's a subtle way of comparing the tea party to gaddafi, mubarak and assad. it's incredibly insulting, but more than that, it's sad. you realize how far gore has fallen in irrelevancy. just by showing that clip, more people have seen gore than anybody watching current tv in the last month. >> dana: so the inventor of the internet actually moved on to invent his own news channel and he hired keith olbermann
11:38 pm
to continue be on the news every day to provide more fodder. he has been a guest the past two nights. andrea, what do you think? >> andrea: the tea party, he went after the koch brothers, fox news. part of me wants to look in the camera and just say shut up. this is evidence if he would have talked less, he would have been president. the other half of me likes when he talks because the more he talks the worse -- >> dana: that's why i say if you think president obama wants him to stop talking? >> bob: i want him on the set because if i could sit next to al i'd look schoo skinn. i agree with a lot of what he said. the word "spring" is something used for revolution across poland and bah vaivia. >> greg: we're the greatest country in the world. we don't need a spring. >> bob: the tea party taking their signs and get out of the square and let others get in. wait a second. >> greg: they're inviting people -- >> bob: gore said they have a reason to be angry. i understand that. but can they give us a little
11:39 pm
room? take the funny hats and the signs, get out -- >> dana: do you not have a funny hat? >> eric: this is like dumb talking to dumber. dumb and dumber. global warming? we have proven now that the globe goes through warming and cooling cycles. his 15 minutes are up. in honor of al gore, green tea, not tea party but al gore green tea. by the way, it's tree huger approved. >> bob: where do you come up with this stuff? >> dana: one thing that vice president al gore would have loved and started electric vehicles. every president said there would be a future for electric vehicles. now we have the chevy volt, the electric vehicle not doing so well. >> greg: incredibly sexy car. so sexy 125 dorks purchased it. overall, right? >> bob: no, no, no. >> dana: that was the last month. 125. this year they told 2870. >> greg: they give a rebate,
11:40 pm
$7,500 which is our money. a soft coercion to push chase this thing. like forcing american to buy broccoli flavored ice cream. it hurts broccoli and ice cream. >> bob: hybrid -- sorry. go ahead. i'll go. hybrid cars have become extremely popular and become more popular. >> andrea: this is not hybrid. i'm forhybrid. >> eric: the volt -- >> bob: i know that but i'm saying we are going to move to electric. you first. >> dana: how do you get the electricity? >> bob: the reason they sold so few, they were depend tok japanese auto supply chain which was down because of the tsunami. >> andrea: you cannot create a demand that is not there. >> eric: time out. you just said they solt 125-volts because the japanese supply? they didn't have enough volts on the lot?
11:41 pm
>> dana: there is a guy from the "weekly standard" who called up all the dealerships in his area to find out if they have had chevy volts in stock? as a matter of fact, we have two. which would you like? >> andrea: you can't create demand not there. the government picked winners and losers and recent poll that showed people love the muscle cars. overwhelming number of americans like big trucks and suvs. no matter what obama says. >> bob: it's tough to make out in the back of a volt. i understand that. that is why they like the big cars, right? , eric? >> eric: japan got $50 billion of taxpayer money they haven't given back. selling 125 -- >> bob: can i point out -- >> eric: the only volts sold are to the government. >> bob: the american automobile industry is back thanks to obama. >> greg: you can't. >> dana: we let bob have the last word and bring it up another time. coming up, another elected official rocked by a sex scand is forced to resign. does a sex scandal mean you have to quit?
11:42 pm
that is next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back to "the five." so here we have another sexting scandal. this time involving a democrat named louie magadu who texted nude photos of himself to the lady. that is the good part of it. we have can't show you the rest. the new jersey freeholder -- i don't know what that is -- resigned this week but should he have? he claims it's the woman's fault for leaking the pictures. some feel what he did is the private business because they are adults. please. if you send out nude photos of yourself are you are playing
11:47 pm
russian roulette with your junk. who doesn't want to see it? america. we deserve a lot of things but we don't deserve to see your junk. these incidents are great for weeding out self-absorbed chumps from politics. if you think your naked middle age body is hot enough to be viewed in the flabby glory, you are too delusionm to be in a position of authority. i don't want you delivering my mail. lastly, maguzu -- there he is again -- says he will hopefully, "hopefully begin the process of healing." no. you cannot claim victim status when you cause the mess. that makes you a true wiener in every sense of the word. bob, i go to you first for no particular reason. as a political operative how would you advise a client two gets involved in a mess like this? keep him in his job, tell him get out, rehabilitate, come back in a couple of years?
11:48 pm
>> bob: the first thing, don't get half of his body tan and the other half not tan. the thing that scares me about, this i didn't know the pictures hang around cyber space. >> greg: it scares you. >> bob: i'm telling you. >> greg: remember that time in mexico? >> bob: that was you. i think people overreact and now it's so far. if it's a videotape of his him having sex with a woman, i don't think we can survive this. we can survive this but they're scared out by the press. that has happened to candidates and it's happened by me. >> andrea: maybe they're not scared out by the press. maybe they're scared from their wives or families. every elected official has a duty to avoid appearance of inpropriety. the inintolerance is less now. we're in dire strait. if the country was doing great, take a picture! >> greg: we wouldn't mind. >> bob: have you wonder why the wives stand next to their husbands after they get caught? >> andrea: i do wonder that.
11:49 pm
>> eric: i expect most of them to become lorena bobbet. >> andrea: think about bill clinton. the economy was doing well. a lot of people turn a blind eye and say things are good. let them do what he does. >> dana: what would happen in the private sector? >> eric: they would end up in a divorce. the ceo is probably not -- i guess the board woulded care if they were making the company money. what is with the democrats? wu, weiner. >> dana: don't go there. >> bob: now we got us an argument. there was a senator from nevada -- >> eric: can't keep it in fants. if they don't keep it in their pants -- >> dana: oh, no. >> bob: a nevada senator had to leave because he was screwing his campaign manager's wife. >> dana: why do you have that accent when you make fun of republicans? >> bob: it makes me feel funny.
11:50 pm
then we have the sitting senator, viter from louisiana. >> greg: thanks, eric. >> bob: stupid enough to leave his number. >> eric: any pickle scandal on the republican sigh? remember eric mz -- >> greg: tickle myselfer. >> andrea: i to disagree with you. both parties are guilty. >> greg: there is a bigger story. every person we are talking about is a dude there are no women politicians that do this stuff. if we had an all female government. >> dana: i don't know any woman who would take pictures of themselves. i just don't know any. >> greg: i don't either. >> dana: not just in politics. it probably happens in the private sector in sports, there are all sort of scandal. this is not a sex scandal but is the name arod, alex rodriguez. i don't follow sports so i feel like i can't call him
11:51 pm
arod. i should call him mr. rodriguez. playing poker and got busted. >> greg: talk about this in next block. >> andrea: i'll say this on your point. but liberals have a media that rallies around them more than republicans. it's true. they protect the left more than the right. help the right. >> greg: if you help the poor and needy, it's okay -- >> bob: you ask wiener if he was protected. >> andrea: but he lied. that is different. don't lie to the media. >> bob: no, because the media doesn't lie to anybody else. >> greg: spitzer is running again. isn't he running again? >> bob: but his hooker is back in business in new york. if i were running against him in the primary, i'd find her and give her a person on the street interview about it. first, spitzer why he put himself through. that first, we have plenty of good looking women in
11:52 pm
washington. you have to bring one in from new york? >> greg: that is an insult to washington, d.c. prostitutes. >> bob: yes, it is. >> greg: that is the outrage. >> eric: we should point out in the private sector if you get the job done, you are probably not going to walk away from it. in sports you sign some of the morality clauses where if you get caught doing some of this stuff you risk forfeiting your contract. >> bob: dana is blush something bad. every time you get into this -- why did you lead the discussion on sex? that took me right in the trenches. over here, she decides she'll add to it. seriously, i think we should ban the sex -- be careful about not letting greg -- >> andrea: are you feeling okay? >> greg: i got to move on. move on. >> bob: you're moving on? sorry" >> greg: coming up, the poker probe. that is about a card game. involving one of the major
11:53 pm
league biggest stars. "the five" continues next. ♪
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i got an egg [pop] i got gum a kazoo a candy necklace i got one of these [pop] a stamp helium fabric softener
11:56 pm
ear plugs [pop] lipstick two pills a day is what it takes to stay alive if you're hiv positive. those pills cost about forty cents a day. ♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back to "the five." major league baseball internetting major league slugger star alex rodriguez after claiming he was involved in a poker game. these are high-stake poker games. by the way, i spent enough time in locker room waiting for a rain delay to end. there are poker games going all the time. but this one is big numbers. >> andrea: he was warned about this in 2004. so he is on thin ice.
11:57 pm
it looks bad. this is a private organization. you know, eric, you played in the major leagues in private baseball. the last thing they need right now is a pete rose scandal. >> eric: but the difference here pete was gambling on his own game. >> andrea: rights on his own games. but it doesn't look good. does arod even care? if they scold him on the wrist, he doesn't care. in miami with cameron diaz. who cares. >> greg: the reason why high-stakes poker exists is because the people don't have drug habits. if they had drug habits -- >> bob: that is not right. >> greg: it's true. these guys have so much money. they don't know what to do with it. they should give it to environmental causes, giving it to obama. >> bob: i had a drug habit and i played high stakes poker. >> greg: you were addicted to everything. >> bob: true. >> andrea: these are the people not paying their fair share. >> dana: president obama could call and say you know that money in high stakes poker can i get some of that? >> greg: what -- >> bob: what is the big
11:58 pm
deal? he wants to play poker. i play every week. >> eric: in a poker game, government can't take piece of the profit and can't get their hands on it. >> andrea: it's so iron thick week that matt damon came out and yelled about paying the fair share and yelling how unfair teachers have it. matt damon, you are playing in a $40,000 minimum poker game, cough it up. where is the wealth? >> bob: how did we get to arod to you turn in to a liberal bashing session here. >> eric: i'm agree with you. agreeing with you. >> bob: there is nothing wrong with high stakes poker. i won and lost with a lot of them. it's fun. the guy, if they got the money and cameron diaz and you can go to miami, what the hell is wrong with that? >> dana: speaking of that, in wyoming i did think of you guys, bob i got you poker playing cards. >> bob: great. >> dana: i got eric bolling, piggy bank. we've got the expresso cup for
11:59 pm
my greek friend. this is for you, you can unwrap. >> greg: oh! >> dana: i did think about you while i was away. >> greg: it's broken. a broken shot glass. >> dana: i to call the circle-k in wyoming and see what happened. >> greg: you have to have it returned. >> dana: i might have to go back. >> eric: what was on it? >> dana: bison and devil's tower. >> andrea: you are a good gift-giver. thanks. >> dana: you it go at the same place? >> dana: yes. >> bob: no, no, greg. she went and shopped all over the state. she looked for the best bargains and went around. >> dana: i bet someone sends you a shot glass. >> bob: send him a shot glass. i don't do them anymore but i used to have hundreds. >> andrea: we missed you and we got you a generic republican -- >> eric: fox news. >> greg: and this newspaper. >> eric: that is all we have time for. thk